UNC Security Battalion - Joint Security Area

United Nations Command Security Battalion - Joint Security Area (UNCSB-JSA) is responsible for securing one of the most critical locations on the Korean Peninsula. As the only fully combined (UNC-ROK) battalion and the only UNC element fully deployed to the Demilitarized Zone ( DMZ), the UNCSB-JSA secures diplomatic dialogue for United Nations Command while also enforcing the Armistice Agreement. Additionally, the UNCSB-JSA delivers strategic messaging on behalf of the UNC Commander to over 100,000 visitors annually. These visits include Heads of State, Members of Congress, Cabinet and Ministry leaders, diplomats, scientists, and activists. In addition to those responsibilities, UNCSB-JSA provides security for Daeseong-dong, the only South Korean village entirely housed within the DMZ. 
UNCSB-JSA has carried out its mission since 1953 and continues to build trust and confidence at the JSA through direct interaction with the North Korean military.