Unified in Purpose

United Nations Command (UNC) is recognized as the lead for Armistice Agreement enforcement and an enabler for security and stability on the Korean Peninsula.  UNC demonstrates the international community’s long-standing commitment to conflict prevention during Armistice; facilitates dialogue and actions that lead to a lasting peace; and if necessary, provides an efficient, exercised, and enduring platform to coordinate Sending State contributions in response to crisis or conflict.

United Nations Command's priorities are: 

1.  Enforce the Armistice Agreement and maintain its integrity 
2.  Maintain UN Sending State and Participating Nation cohesion and international
     support for ROK-US Alliance activities
3.  Maintain access to UNC-Rear Bases
4.  Establish efficient procedures to coordinate Sending State force flow and force
     generation in coordination with ROK JCS to support and sustain those forces in theater