Norway contributed to the Korean War effort by providing the 1
st Norwegian Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, known as NORMASH.
The Surgical Hospital unit departed Norway on May 31, 1951. The Norwegian medical unit provided critical support to the U.S. 1st Corps in Dongduchon.
Norway bought a field hospital from the U.S. and the Norwegian Red Cross assumed responsibility for the administration of the hospital on behalf of Norway. The equipment was received in June 1951 and the following month the Norwegian Mobile Army Surgical Hospital was officially opened.

For military purposes NORMASH was formally placed under the command of the U.S. 8th Army. The hospital received all orders directly from Army command and they were tasked to give immediate surgical treatment to injured soldiers.

Norway provided 83 medical staff and within six months 106 more had arrived. The medical staff was trained with an emphasis on mobility, and armed preparedness was required for all medical personnel working in a MASH unit.
NORMASH averaged eight operations a day, for a total of over 9,000 operations, treating approximately 90,000 personnel in three years.
NORMASH departed Korea in the fall of 1954.