New Zealand

New Zealand contributed both naval and ground forces in support of United Nations Command during the Korean War.

In August 1950 the HMNZS Pukaki and HMNZS Tutira arrived in Korean waters. The two frigates supported UNC naval operations. Eight naval war vessels took turns participating in the war effort. Two New Zealand vessels were maintained continuously throughout the war.
In July 1950, New Zealand announced they would raise a volunteer military force to serve with UNC. Known as Kayforce, the unit comprised the 16th Field Regiment and small ancillary units which had to be recruited, trained, and dispatched to Korea in five months’ time. Comprised of 1,056 troops, the unit arrived at Busan on December 31, 1950. Three weeks later the artillery regiment joined the 27th British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade and the brigade was in action for the first time four days later.
During the war the New Zealand artillery assisted the British Middlesex Infantry Battalion and the Canadian Infantry Battalion with fire support. In addition, New Zealand contributed marines to operations. In July 1951, Kayforce became part of the newly formed 28th Commonwealth Brigade.

The New Zealand naval frigates departed Korea in March 1954. The majority of New Zealand's ground forces departed in November 1954. 

New Zealand forces suffered 103 casualties including 23 killed in action, 79 wounded in action, and one missing in action. 
New Zealand currently has five staff members working in both UNC Headquarters and the UNC Military Armistice Commission-Secretariat.