In support of the United Nations Command, Luxembourg contributed a 44-man rifle platoon from the Royal Luxembourg Regiment.

The forces of Belgium and Luxembourg were combined together as a single unit, the Belgian United Nations Command. The Luxembourgers were organized into 1st Platoon A Company and together with the Belgians they arrived in Busan on January 31, 1951.

Together along with some South Korean troops, they were assigned to the 29th Brigade, 1st Gloucestershire Regiment of the United Kingdom. After the battles at the Imjin River they were reassigned to the 7th Infantry Regiment of the the 3rd U.S. Division, where it remained until September 1955. The 1st Luxembourg Platoon was assigned to the Beligan Battalion from January to August 1951 and the 2nd Luxembourg Platoon participated from March 1952 to January 1953. 

The combined Battalion was one of the smallest units providing support during the Korean War but they were not without effect. They were awarded two U.S. Presidential Unit Citations and a South Korean Presidential Unit Citation for their actions.

In addition to the infantry troops, in early 1950 Luxembourg sent two officers to South Korea as part of the UNC Military Investigation Team.

Luxembourg contributed 110 troops in total. The Luxembourg troops departed Korea in January 1953.

Luxembourg lost two troops killed in action and 17 were wounded in action during the war.