France supported the Korean War effort by contributing a frigate and a French infantry battalion - le Battalion de Corée with 3,421 volunteers soldiers in total.

From the French Navy, the French frigate La Grandiere arrived in Korean waters on July 29, 1950 and immediately began transport and escort missions between Japan and South Korea.
The French Battalion arrived later, in Busan on November 29, 1950. The Battalion consisted of 39 officers, 172 non-commissioned officers, and more than 800 enlisted personnel both active and reserve personnel. After their arrival they were equipped with U.S. weapons and vehicles, and attached to the 2nd U.S. Army Division, 23rd Infantry Regimental Combat Team.

The battalion distinguished itself during battles at Arrowhead Hill, Wonju, Twin Tunnels, Chipyong-Ni, and Heartbreak Ridge. The French Battalion left Korea with five French Citations to the Order of the Army, the French Fourragere in the colors of the Military Medal, two Korean Presidential Citations, and three U.S. Distinguished Unit Citations. One member of the French Battalion was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by the U.S. for his actions at Heartbreak Ridge (known as Crevecoeur to the French).
The French Battalion departed in October 1953 to engage in fighting in Indo-China. A small unit of 50, later reduced to 15, remained in Korea until the 1960s.
The French forces suffered 1,289 casualties of which 287 were killed in action, over 1,000 wounded in action, and 7 missing in action.

continues to contribute personnel in support of the UNC mission.