Denmark provided medical support during the Korean War and was the 14th country to respond to the call for support. Denmark sent a hospital ship, the MS Jutlandia, which arrived at the Busan port on March 7, 1951. The ship was stationed in Busan but moved to other ports to transport or treat serious cases.  

The MS Jutlandia was an 8,500 ton hospital ship, equipped with surgical, internal medicine, dental, and radiology capabilities. A helicopter provided battlefield medical evacuations. About 100 medical personnel staffed the vessel consisting of doctors, nurses and other medical staff. In total there were three rotations of staff of which 25 percent were women.

Close to 5,000 allied soldiers and more than 6,000 Korean civilians received medical treatment during its three tours of duty. The MS Jutlandia departed on August 16, 1953 after 999 days in service.

Following the Korean War, the Danish government constructed and operated the National Medical Center in Seoul. Danish medical personnel worked at the hospital from October 1958 until September 1968 when the ROK took over its full administration and operation.

With the departure of MS Jutlandia in August 1953, Denmark ended its membership in UNC but rejoined in April 2000.

Denmark has sent officers to work in the UNC Military Armistice Commission-Secretariat since April 2009 and in UNC HQ since February 2019 and continues to contribute personnel in support of the UNC mission.